Day 7: Red Velvet Cookies with White Chocolate and Chocolate Chips

One week down and 18 days of baking to go.  Today, we found a recipe for red velvet cookies.  It was difficult to find a version that was 100% homemade and not from a cake mix.  The recipe we tried was quick and easy to follow.  The first batch came out of the oven in 11 minutes and were slightly overdone.  However, they were still good.  My husband likes them because they are not “overly chocolate”.  There is just enough chocolate to taste but not enough to overwhelm the taste.  The second batch we cooked at 350 (instead of the recommended 375 degrees).  We took them out after 12 min. and they were perfect.  When they come out of the oven, the top is crackly but the cookie looks soft.  The white chocolate chips are a nice addition.  The recipe calls for 16 – 20 cookies but we got close to 40 from one batch.  We ran out of red food coloring so the cookies did not look as red as promised but that doesn’t affect the taste.  A fairly easy and tasty cookie to make that people will enjoy.Image

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