Sugar Cut out cookies

Again, we went “old-school” today in our baking…Butter sugar cookies.  Most people have a favorite recipe they swear by.  We tried one of the recipes on  The dough was easy to work with, not too dry and not too sticky (it must be chilled at least one hour before rolling).  While easy to make, they are time consuming in the cutting out, baking and frosting.  With the help of Emily and her friend, Julia and my son, Andrew and his friend Reid, they frosted the majority of the cookies.  As you can see from the picture, the cookies definitely look homemade and should as 4 teenagers did the decorating.  Monday’s biscotti were given to friends.  The rest of this week we have been baking to bring cookies to the soup kitchen for homeless men.  On Sunday, we will deliver and distribute our 200 – 400 cookies that we have been baking all week.  That explains why we chose to bake more traditional cookies; we think they will enjoy these.  Also, we are going for quantity as that is alot of cookies for us.  This recipe made close to 75 cookies.  ImageHere’s the link to the recipe we used.  


2 thoughts on “Sugar Cut out cookies

  1. Sugar cookies are great in terms of quality, and you can’t go wrong with a simple recipe like these. All Recipes is a great source for starting out–you can always add your own twists from there. Best of luck distributing all those cookies!

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