Day 14: Christmas Dog Biscuits

We are a bit mixed up on our days.  Yesterday’s (Day 13) was written yesterday but posted today.  Thanks to some old and new friends (Karen Holbert, Amy Rawson and Margaret Grossman), we took over 400 cookies to Urban Ministry today.  They seemed to be a hit and we left a tray of cookies to be given out for tomorrow’s lunch.  The remaining cookies will be delivered to a Title 1 Elementary school for teachers and staff.  This was a large but very worthwhile and rewarding project and I am glad we were able to come through with enough cookies.  The picture below shows just some of the cookies we took with us.Image

After 2 weeks of mixing butter, sugar and flour, we needed a break.  Plus, why should humans get all the treats? Today we baked for our canine friends.  Christmas Dog Biscuits.  This is quick and includes ingredients you probably have in your pantry.  We baked these cookies that looked so much like the “human” kind that the family thought they were for them.  And honestly, why not?  There is nothing in them that we could not or do not eat.  They aren’t as sweet as what we are used to but I am sure they are better for us.  We tried the first one out on our dog, Max.  He scarfed it up and wanted more.  We couldn’t get any descriptive comments from Max but we think we can speak for him and beg for another.  We’ll share these with all our doggie friends and hope they enjoy them as much as Max.



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