Day 20: Nutella Chocolate Chip Cookies

When we started “researching” the cookies to make for this project, we (okay, I) kept gravitating to nutella cookies.  After looking at a few different recipes, some seeming more work than others, I settled on this one from

The recipe calls to swirl the nutella into the cookie batter before placing the cookie dough on the tray.  Other recipes called for piping nuttela directly onto a cookie sheet than molding the cookie dough around the nutella.  I opted for a combination of these two methods.  I put a mound of dough onto the teaspoon, placed on cookie sheet than put 1/4 – 1/2 tsp in each cookie dough ball and tried to cover up the nutellas as best as possible.  My goal was to get a creamier taste of nutella rather than haveing it spread out all over.  In the end, the nutella is spread throughout but you do get a bite of the creamy hazlenut spread.  The center of the cookie has a slight hazlenut taste but not enough so that you know immediately what is inside, only something chocolatey and creamy.  After a few bites, the hazlenut taste comes through, just a bit.  The cookie is chewy, rich and chocolatey.  A sprinkling of sea salt on top of each cookie would have been a nice addition.  Next time. Image


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