Day 22: Angel Food cake


Today was not a cookie day.  Today was a birthday.  My husband’s birthday is today and he does not have a sweet tooth, unlike Emily and myself.  He does not care much for chocolate, can’t stand anything with mint and dislike peanut butter immensely.  As you can see by reading our earlier blog, that has not stopped us from baking chocolate, mint or peanut butter cookies.  But, today is about him.  We made one of his favorite desserts…Angel Food Cake.  We made it homemade from the Cook’s Illustrated Cook Book.  I knew angel food cake required egg whites, but up until this morning had no idea that it takes one dozen egg whites to make an angel food cake.  It also takes alot of whipping with attention to detail so as not to overbeat the eggs.  We added some strawberries and a dollop of whipped cream.  The cake came out light, airy and moist.  I think we succeeded.  He proclaimed it “very good” which is a big compliment.

This is her husband editing this….”It was VERY good!”

We have been remiss in sharing where this week’s treats have been given.  After our large service project last weekend, we had many cookies left.  We took them to a Title 1 School for staff.  A smaller plate was taken to my son’s elementary school for the office staff.  South Meck HS staff enjoyed a variety of cookies at their dessert reception. Another plate was brought to a meeting at church and cookies were also given to bus drivers. Emily took the chocolate fudge and peppermint candy cane kisses to school to share with her friends the last day before winter break.  Finally, all the remaining cookies were taken to church to be placed in baskets distributed to families for a holiday dinner. The andes mint cookies and nutella cookies were given to friends.

A note about the Andes Mint Cookies.  We took them to a party last night and got lots of thumbs up for those. I think they went over better than I expected.


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