Day 19: Candy Cane Kiss Cookies

image Todays recipe is candy cane kiss cookies. These are sugar cookies with chopped candy cane kisses mixed in, and a candy cane kiss on top. They are a pepper minty twist on peanut butter blossoms. Fist starting this recipe, I was hesitant about using only powdered sugar in the cookies. I mean, I have never seen a cookie recipe that uses powdered sugar rather than granulated or brown sugar. It turned out to be good! The powdered sugar makes the cookies taste more shortbready than like a regular sugar cookie. Also, the recipe said to put the kisses in the cookies right away and then stick them in the fridge. I did not do this and the kisses did not melt. Be careful to not touch the kisses for about an hour or until they harden or the kiss will melt into the cookie. Lastly, the recipe said that you can use peppermint extract to give it a more pepperminty taste. I did not use this and they still had a peppermint flavor due to the chopped up kisses inside. Sorry the picture is a little blurry, but the recipe has one thats better!


Day 17: Easy Chocolate-Peanut Fudge

This fudge does live up to its name. Its easy, contains chocolate and peanuts, and of course, its fudge. It took me about 15 minutes to get all the ingredients, make it, and put it in the fridge. One thing to remember when making this recipe is to continuously stir the chocolate and condensed milk because it will start to burn if you do not. The fudge is currently in the fridge waiting to be cut tomorrow, so the picture will be added sometime tomorrow. This recipe is so easy and quick there is almost nothing to say!

Day 15: Oreo-Doodles

These cookies defiantly live up to there name. The Oreo-Doodles are made from chocolate cookie dough (with chocolate chips mixed in) rolled in crushed Oreos.  Sound good? Well they are. They are delightful cookies to enjoy with milk or just by themselves. After they are baked, they have a crunchy Oreo shell and chewy chocolaty inside. Surprisingly, we stuck to the recipe and everything turned out good even the amount of time in the oven. The cookies will “crackle” on the top to let you know that they are done. These just might be my favorite cookies so far so try the recipe out!


Day 5: The Famous {Infamous?} New York Times Chocolate Chip Cookie

Day 5, take-two. After our baking fiasco yesterday, we still needed to bake 48 cookies for a cancer research bake sale. It took us a little while to figure out what cookies to make that would only take a couple of hours and then thought of these. These chocolate chip cookies are the best chocolate chip cookies I have ever made. We stumbled on the recipe a couple of months ago and have never gone back to the recipe on the back of the chocolate chip packages since. I have tried lots and lots of recipes, never getting it perfect. Some were to flat and others to lumpy and doughy. These cookies have the crispy edge that bakes to a golden brown, but they also have a chewy inside that is delicious. This recipe does call for cake flour and bread flour, so make sure to use those. Also, make the cookies ahead of time because they have to chill for 24-36 hours. You can however, choose to not chill them, but I think that they come out better when chilled. This recipe makes a lot more than the recipe says, approximately 4 dozen large cookies, and that is a good thing because they never last long in our house. These cookies definitely make up for yesterday! I hope you enjoy them!