Day 19: Candy Cane Kiss Cookies

image Todays recipe is candy cane kiss cookies. These are sugar cookies with chopped candy cane kisses mixed in, and a candy cane kiss on top. They are a pepper minty twist on peanut butter blossoms. Fist starting this recipe, I was hesitant about using only powdered sugar in the cookies. I mean, I have never seen a cookie recipe that uses powdered sugar rather than granulated or brown sugar. It turned out to be good! The powdered sugar makes the cookies taste more shortbready than like a regular sugar cookie. Also, the recipe said to put the kisses in the cookies right away and then stick them in the fridge. I did not do this and the kisses did not melt. Be careful to not touch the kisses for about an hour or until they harden or the kiss will melt into the cookie. Lastly, the recipe said that you can use peppermint extract to give it a more pepperminty taste. I did not use this and they still had a peppermint flavor due to the chopped up kisses inside. Sorry the picture is a little blurry, but the recipe has one thats better!


Day 16: Tiramisu Cookies

When I saw the name “Tiramisu” and then the word cookie in the same sentence, I knew we had to try these.  The cookie dough is similiar to a sugar cookie dough.  The taste is a sugar cookie combined wtih a light tiramisu filling in the center.  The filling is made of marzipone cheese, confectionary sugar, vanilla, instant espresso, and rum extract.  We did not have any rum extract.  I thought about replacing that with actual rum but read the author’s note saying that adding rum would not produce the intense flavor of rum extract.  Most people (including myself) would have added enough rum to taste, thus changing the actual dough qualities, but warned in advance, we ommited the rum.  We did add an extra 1/2 tsp extra of vanilla and instant espresso.  We thought the quantity called for in the recipe (1/2 tsp of each) was too mild.  The cookies came out flatter than we expected in the first batch, so we made the cookies smaller in the second batch which helped.  The author stated the cookies would be airy like the sponge cake used in tiramisu.  Our cookies are not airy or spongey, crispy on the outside.  But, I think the flavor was not comprimised.  The filling has a subtle taste of coffee combined with the sweetness from the confectionary sugar.  The cocoa sprinkled on top makes them look fancy.  ImageThis is a  cookie that is out of the box and unlike the others we’ve made.  If you’re a fan of tiramisu, these are the cookies for you.